NEW Indoor Sandbox


Our Sandbox is KID-Friendly!!

The Jungle Gym has an AMAZING indoor 15ft by 30ft sandbox.  The sandbox is filled with silco-free sand.  At The Jungle Gym, our sand is held to the highest safety standard.  Silca sand, the kind found at the beach has been recently discovered to be a respiratory irritant as well as a carcinogen, not to mention highly unhygienic and unsanitary.  The indoor sandbox is made from feldspar, which is a safer alternative to regular sand.  

The sandbox is our ONLY bare foot activity at The Jungle Gym.  In order to help contain the sand, we have a sock tree to hold your socks while you play away.  Parents are invited to brush down their child following play time before exiting.  The Indoor Sandbox has a capacity for 15 children to play at a time. 

This is the ONLY INDOOR sandbox in Missouri!!  So....plan to come in and check us out YEAR-Round!!

More about our sand...

  • Non-Toxic Sandtastik Play Sand.
  • 100% Natural Product.
  • Contains No Free Microcrystaline Silica.
  • Environmentally Friendly.
  • Safe for Children of All Ages.
  • Approved by the Highest Rating Services as Safe.
  • Carries the Highest Approval Seal for Product Safety.
  • Never Exposed to Animals and Animal Cruelty Free
  • Cleaner than Park or Beach Sand